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Life is about transitions and as you will read, I’ve had several.

 Photo by Anne  Staveley

Photo by Anne  Staveley

For the first thirteen years of my adult life I worked in psychiatric facilities, initially as a teacher and then a therapist doing individual and group work.  I hold an MSW degree from Hunter School of Social Work.

After that work I spent time studying acting and working on soap operas and in off-Broadway theaters, was a law school student for a year and a half and spent time as a waiter and a bartender.  On impulse I taught myself the basics of telecommunications and bootstrapped my way into a job with a Wall Street brokerage firm.

Over the next 25 years my career was governed by a series of phone calls at opportune times asking me to take on projects for which, on paper I had no qualifications.  I was asked to build all the technology (trading floors, data centers, cable plant, etc.) for the E.F. Hutton World Headquarters at 31 West 54th Street.  Another phone call resulted in an expanded role in the construction of 60 Wall Street followed by a position as COO of JP Morgan Corporate Real Estate and similar projects around the world.  From those assignments I shifted into a risk management role as the CRO for Technology and Operations at the bank and then as Managing Director of an ORM practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

A stint in my own risk management consultancy led to the position as CIO of McCann Worldgroup followed by a return to my own firm and engagements in Kenya and Thailand.  

And then some down time and a struggle to listen into the narrative of my life.

It began slowly with the spontaneous idea to become a certified personal trainer.  Working with people in this way allowed me to understand how biochemistry is changed by physical movement in concert with what we chose to put in our bodies. 

While the careers I've had are varied, the element common to them all is curiosity, which is what caused me to seek out an understanding of who we all are in the early days of my adulthood.  Coaching is a return to the clinical work but with the wisdom that comes from choices and experience and an understanding that the only lasting change comes from within. 

Will lives in Santa Fe, NM, with his partner, Ann (http://www.beaboveleadership.com/about-ann/), their magical dog, Jack and their two highly enlightened cats, Paz and Luz.