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Anam Cara, Life Coach, CPC, MSW

6 Week Dreamwork Process

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The Irish philosophers tell us that the soul is not in the body, the body is in the soul.  That idea is fundamental to working with dreams in the coaching process.  It speaks to the sense that we have that there is something greater than we can understand about the experience of being human.  What we can discover is that there is also a way of paying attention to aspects of that experience that can give us access into the vastness of our souls. 

If we look at the lineage of the Irish and the Scots we find the Celtic people.  They believed that every person needed a “soul friend”; a person who could see past a someone’s personality into the essence of who they could become.  The Gallic words for this person are Anam Cara and they are the words you will see below my name and above my degree and certification.  I use that designation to describe to you the role that I play in working with my clients. Much of that work initially is about understanding your dreams which are perhaps the most direct communication you can have with your soul.

In this work, you will find that there are three of us; you, your Dreamer and me, your coach or Listener.  My function is to facilitate the conversation between you (or rather the aspect of you that is awake in the world) and your dream world.  Initially I ask that clients commit to six sessions over six consecutive weeks.  Over the time you will establish a relationship with your Dreamer and the dialog will inform you of your soul’s agenda.

One of the initial dreams or combination of dreams that we work on together will be what we call a Table-setter dream.  In choosing to do this work you will provide your Dreamer with an audience and we will get a broad a broad sense a belief system or behavior that your soul is telling you that you are ready to outgrow.  In general, these dreams will point you in the direction of some discomfort.  They will answer one or all of the following questions:

1.    What dissatisfaction(s) do I have in my life?

2.    How would I like my life to look and what’s the difference between that and the way it looks right now?

3.    What aspect of myself would I like to reclaim?

What you will usually discover is that you have either given a part of yourself away, perhaps to a significant other, perhaps to a career or, more likely it was given away earlier in your life in an effort to accommodate your family or school.  Your Dreamer is telling you that a part of you needs to be re-integrated.  Sometimes we will re-enter a dream using Active Imagination to converse with people and/or animals who have appeared.  You will likely be surprised by what your Dreamer tells you needs to be addressed for you to move forward.

As in all coaching, we will agree on actions that you will take between sessions.  They may be direct actions where you will put a plan in motion to integrate an experience that your Dreamer is pointing you towards. That might mean speaking your mind in situations where you have held back or pursuing an activity that you’ve always thought was frivolous.  You may also find that the actions that we agree on are more indirect like noticing and documenting a particular feeling or thought pattern that no longer serves you. 

During this time, I will be available via text, email and short phone calls if they are needed.  It is possible that there will be a level of intensity in your experience and your dreams where it would be useful for us to communicate between sessions.

In the sixth session, we will formalize the agenda that you develop as a result of the dialog with your dreamer and determine the regularity of your coaching sessions based on the scope we have outlined.  This can be anything from continuing on a weekly basis to a frequency designed around some milestones that we will agree on.