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Dreamwork for Coaches, January 2019

October Dreamwork Class Jan19.jpg
October Dreamwork Class Jan19.jpg

Dreamwork for Coaches, January 2019

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Dreamwork for Coaches

Class Overview


This course will provide coaches with the basic tools to work with their client’s dreams. Attendees to the class will use their own dreams both in the class and with their peer partners during the week. Topics covered are:


o  An overview of how dreams are used in the coaching context versus the therapeutic context

o  An understanding of the various levels of listening to a dream and how they can be used.

o  A discussion of the different types of dreams and how the emotional experience of the dream can be a doorway into a deeper transformation.

o  The use of Active Imagination to re-enter a dream.

o  How the Trickster and Shadow can show up in a dream and the techniques that are useful to clarify the messages in those dreams.

o  An overview of the experience of sleep and it’s essential role in not only dreams but overall health.


Six-week virtual class requirements: 

§ Completion of a pre-course questionnaire that will be shared with their peer partner.

§ Use of a personal dream book to record dreams.

§ Six 90-minute virtual sessions.

§ Six 30-minute recorded lectures prior to the sessions.

§ Six 30-minute practice sessions with a peer coach.

§ Instructor availability for interactive texts and emails throughout the course.